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nurturing needles
The Idiot Wind...
The idiot wind is blowing like a sucker in your basement.. Sorry, Dylan.I hope Mr Dylan won't be offended (as if he even READS the blog of a crazy Jesus/crochet/horsey) lady! But there IS a jerk in my basement, and now he's even printed out stationary that says, "From The Desk Of Hades."! FUCK HIM! I was stuck for over an HOUR waiting for the 92 bus in East Orange.My feet were cold and numb (stupid me had to wear the suede soft boots) and I had NO mittens, No hat--just that gold/black fancy scarf I made.Plus the new hand splint I had just purchased for $10 LESS than the Maywood pharmacy was charging! Well, I can't understand why the black people are so much kinder to me than the Caucasian snobs in Bergen County; one young girl asked if I was OK . No, I WASN'T--but I couldn't tell her that! I felt like I was gonna pass out.My body was literally shaking from the cold and wet snow/rain. But that wasn't the only reason I felt sick. I was in East Orange. That girl was just about the same... (more)

a little knowledge
By Rev. Wayne Palmer Lenten Devotion-... When the Christ appears, no one will know where He comes from" (John 7:27b). John 7:25-32. Some of the Jerusalem folks think Jesus is paranoid. Others won't even consider whether He might be the promised Messiah. Why? Because He is from Nazareth, and no one is supposed to know where the Messiah comes from. The funny thing is this: they don't know. Jesus only grew up in Nazareth; He was born in Bethlehem. But Jesus is the eternal Son of God who came down from heaven and was born in Bethlehem to save us. Using their little knowledge, they are content to write Jesus off and live in the darkness of their thinking. Being content with a little knowledge is dangerous. Consider those who are content to know Jesus was born at Christmas and died on a cross, but that's all they care to know. They don't know that He lived and died to save them from God's wrath and rose again to give them eternal life. We live in a time where people... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, the Senate expresses concern over the cozy relationship between Iran and Iraq, Turkey sends weapons to Baghdad, the Secretary of Defense calls out a CENTCOM background briefing, and much more. February 19th, "CENTCOM whispers about an upcoming assault on Mosul which may involve US troops." That's when an official with CENTCOM spoke on 'background' with the US press about the then-planned upcoming attack on Mosul which has been held by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) since June. As we noted then: This was not a private conversation. It was a background briefing. Here's how that works, the Pentagon is the john insisting on his fantasies being played out and the press are the whores working to make the fantasy come true. While we emphasized the aspect that US troops would be utilized -- despite US President Barack Obama insisting last June that US troops would not be sent back into Iraq to... (more)

little knowledge for pvc keychain
PVC keychain has gradually replaced the ordinary keychain as the later is rust easily, deformation, loose, and other shortcomings. But we also need pay attention to some details of PVC keychain when we buy it from China crafts suppliers , thus, you can use for it a longer time. First, we can talk about aging factors of PVC keychain. Currently, ratio of indoor and outdoor applications of PVC crafts and other coloring PVC soft PVC plastic products is substantial and it is growing, but after a period of time, like other plastics, due to aging, it will change the color. In order to avoid the problem, we should meet the following conditions for fade product: choosing the best type and amount of colorant and opaque pigments. What's more, we will discuss the aging phenomenon. With the use of time, whether it is soft PVC plastic crafts and other PVC products when you buy salable and personalized keychain , it will deteriorate because of prolonged aging, mainly because of the degradation... (more)

lism’s premises &
s /
continue to stimulate growth thr...

NEO-NATIONALISM’S PREMISES & CONTENTIONS / Continue to stimulate growth through the ‘physical economy’ Erle Frayne D. Argonza This writer strongly argues that the greatest driver of the economy must be the ‘physical economy’. By ‘physical economy’ we refer to the combination of (a) agriculture, (b) manufacturing, (c) infrastructure, (d) transport and (e) science & technology (S&T) whose results further induce ‘production possibilities’ in the sectors a-d. An economy that is prematurely driven by the service sector, growing at the expense of the physical economy, will create imbalances in the long run, failing in the end to meet the needs of the population. A premature service-driven economy would be subject to manipulations by predatory financiers, who would do everything to destroy the national currencies and consequently the physical economy of the nation as well. An economy driven by derivatives and every kind of... (more)

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